Best Penis Cream For Male Lubrication And Erection Enhancement

Among the many products available men like to use to enhance their experience are the products called penis creams. These are special creams or lotions that you apply onto the penis to help aid the onset of an erection. The special ingredients contained in the creams are various herbs that act like sexual stimulants that has the effect of enhancing the erection.

The benefits of using a cream such as this include helping to moisturize the skin of the penis making it more supple and softer. This is made possible with the addition of aloe vera, a plant extract commonly used in standard skin creams. However, this is just an added benefit of the product, the main effect is gained from the special herbs the creams contain which give them their male enhancement effect. These herbs include various herbs used also in penis pills, for example, epimedium, which is an extract of a plant by the name but also commonly called horny goat weed. This plant was given this name because it makes you feel horny. This can be attributed to a chemical the plant contains called Icarin that has an effect similar to Viagra.

An extract of the Catuaba tree bark is also another ingredient added to the cream, because this ingredient is a natural aphrodisiac, and libido enhancer. It works because its effect is of dilating the blood vessels therefore allowing greater blood flow to the penis enhancing the erection size and strength. The Muira Puama is another tree bark extract with similar effect granted recognition by the Institute of Sexology has a viable natural treatmen for erection difficulties.

L-Arginine is a common substance that aids in nitric oxide synthesis. Nitric Oxide is a chemical the body releases naturally every time you get an erection as this is what causes the blood vessels to expand to enable the blood to flow into the penis to stimulate the erection.

The drug Viagra actually works by inhibiting another natural chemical the body releases called PDE-5 which breaks down nitric oxide. This therefore increases the levels of nitric oxide in the blood causing the penis to remain hard for longer.

These are just a few of the ingredients you might encounter in these so-called male enhancement creams. So how do the ingredients enter the body through a cream? The ingredients actually absorb through the tiny pores of the skin, entering the blood stream that way. This might sound a bit weird, but it works in the same way as general ointments or nicotine patches. The active substances can seep through the skin and enter the blood stream that way. This process is called transdermal.

The literal translation of transdermal means through skin. The benefits of a transdermal action cream is that the results onset much quicker and more efficiently. In efficient consider that none of the active chemical contained in the substance goes to waste in the same as would if you swallowed and digested a pill containing the same ingredients. When you swallow a pill, it is estimated that only 40-45% of the active chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach, because the rest is wasted away through digestion. This means that using a male enhancement cream which most contain the same herbal ingredients as male enhancement pills would be a much more efficient means of delivering the effects of these special herbs.

Other uses of penis creams is for lubrication. They can be used as ordinary lubricants to help reduce dryness or friction and to create a more sensory and pleasurable glide. The only difference is that male enhancement creams contain the special herbal ingredients like the ones above so tend to be more expensive than just an ordinary lube.

Use a male enhancement cream to help you enhance your erection, and to also make the penis skin more supple, and also for the extra lubrication you need if your girlfriend has a dry problem.

Source by Charles Moon

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